4 Things People Look for in Hotels

Travelers visiting a hotel tend to expect a number of things. The top managers at Innovative Hospitality Purveyors (IHP) have created a list of the top 5 things that we are involved in when servicing our hotel clients.


After price and location, this may very well be the most important factor in a guest’s decision to book. It’s been found that guests would give up some amenities in exchange for complimentary Wi-Fi, while others still would be willing to pay extra for better connectivity. For many guests, Wi-Fi is a necessity, not a service they should pay for.

Mobile Check-in and Check-out

Travel-weary guests don’t want to stand in line for fifteen minutes while the group ahead of them checks in. While great personal service has always been a fundamental part of hospitality, technology has replaced some of the services guests once took for granted.


More and more people are making changes in lifestyle to counter the effects of climate change. Increasingly, travelers are looking for more eco-friendly hotels to help the movement. As an added bonus, eco-features can even save hotels money, including lights that turn off when the guest leaves the room.

An Emotional Connection

Guests with an emotional attachment to a property are more likely to book there despite their budget. Here are a few amenities travelers cherish.

  • Well appointed common areas and furnishings
  • Comfortable Rooms
  • Great Wi-Fi
  • Gym with a selection of equipment
  • Easy check-in and check-out

IHP is known for simplifying the process for the client. Our primary is to navigate the FF&E procurement maze for our clients, providing a seamless transition from concept to reality. We understand that Hoteliers need efficient, reliable results most of all.

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